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New York City is one of the safest cities globally and not just in the United States in terms of health security, personal security, environmental security and infrastructure. You need proof of vaccination to visit the places such as restaurants.

you should try finding cheap airline tickets to the Great White City as soon as you know you would be traveling.


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Safest US Destinations for You to Visit after Covid-19

The touristy summer months are gone and falls are here. If you are a budget traveler, you would know that this is an opportune time to grab cheap flights, discounted hotel rooms and theme park deals. The key to saving money on flights or any other travel products, however, is flexibility. Also, one more thing you need to be very careful of during your trip is keeping yourself safe from hazardous coronavirus. More than half of the United States is fully vaccinated, the Delta variant of the virus continues to complicate matters. While most of the US destinations are open for tourists with no or little restrictions, some places are taking extra precautions to keep their visitors safe. Here’s the list of some of the safest destinations you can visit next.

New York City

New York City is one of the safest cities globally and not just in the United States in terms of health security, personal security, environmental security and infrastructure. You need proof of vaccination to visit the places such as restaurants, bars, live entertainment venues and even some mainstream traveler attractions in the city. The steps are taken considering the fact that most tourists prefer staying indoors during the fall months. Unlike most of the US, NYC receives tourists throughout the year. Last minute flights hotel bookings, even in less popular fall months, may cost a fortune; thus, consider making your New York bookings in advance. 

San Francisco, California

Standing with some of the safest cities in the world to visit During the Pandemic, San Francisco can also be your travel destination this fall. The Golden City boasts temperate weather conditions and allows you to explore its world-famous attractions such as Golden Gate Park, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Angel Island. Book your cheap flight ticket at least two to three weeks in advance as fall months are one of the touristiest seasons to visit San Francisco. Over eighty percent of the resident above the age of twelve are vaccinated in San Francisco.


The residents of Vermont embraced the COVID-19 vaccine. Almost eighty percent of the people above the age of twelve are fully vaccinated and thus contributing to curbing the spread of the virus. Also, this US state has one of the lowest COVID-19 test positivity rates, which makes it safer for visitors. From Stowe at the foot of Mt. Mansfield to the vibrant downtown Burlington to the historic Bennington Museum – the state has a long list of attractions for visitors to explore.

Washington, DC

With nearly sixty-six percent of the residents above 12 vaccinated, Washington, DC, is another safe destination to visit this fall. The city is fully open for locals and tourists with some restrictions. It requires you to wear face masks when indoors regardless of vaccination status. As the temperature drops in fall months, more travelers book plane tickets to the US capital and explore its unique districts such as Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle and Georgetown. Since DC boasts a huge number of museums, art galleries and other places that are free to visit, you should try finding cheap airline tickets to the Great White City as soon as you know you would be traveling.

The Berkshires, Massachusetts

Massachusetts has one of the lowest COVID-19 test positivity rates in the country and that makes you fall trip to this state safe. Berkshires in the western part of the state can be your escape from the monotony of your everyday life. The idyllic place helps you practice social distancing with activities like apple-picking, visits to wineries and dining in secluded farm-to-table eateries. Berkshires in New England is often overlooked by tourists who prefer hopping from one tourist attraction to another. Thus you get better discounts on airplane tickets and accommodations without putting in much effort.


If your kids too are itching to out and have fun, take them to Orlando. The iconic theme parks of the city, including Walt Disney World, is taking all the necessary steps to keeps its visitors safe. Whether you visit the parks or the hotels within the theme parks, masks are mandatory and temperature checks are conducted on everyone. Fall months are considered shoulder-season to visit Orlando and therefore, you should be able to get discounts on airplane tickets and entrée fees to theme parks.

Lockport, Illinois

If you want to travel and still want to avoid crowds – visit Lockport. Situated along the Des Plaines River, just an hour’s drive from Chicago – Lockport is a great place to indulge in some remarkable outdoor activities while practicing social distancing. You, along with your kids, can visit Siegel’s Cottonwood Farm that celebrates Pumpkin Fest every year towards the end of September and enjoy slides, games, and seasonal dishes.


6 Reasons Why Napa Valley Getaway is the Perfect Spot to Rekindle Romance

Napa Valley is one of the most romantic destinations for any couple looking to get the spark back in their relationship or for those looking for a romantic honeymoon getaway to begin their’s on a strong footing. In addition to its romantic settings amidst gorgeous landscapes, the northern California destination offers world-class dining, more than 400 wineries serving fine wine, amazing boutiques, tasting rooms and lots of fun outdoor activities. If you are a couple looking to start an exciting new chapter in your lives, Napa Valley will leave you spoiled for choices. Here are 6 reasons why you won’t ever want to leave this romantic getaway once you are here.

Napa Valley Wine Train Excursion

How about some romance on the rails? The wine train will take you through some of Napa valley’s most beautiful stretches while you enjoy your meal along with a glass of wine. The elegant train with plush interiors offers 3-hour lunch excursions and 2-hour dinner journeys while it meanders through the lush landscapes of the Napa valley, offering you an unforgettable experience. Multiple courses of classic California cuisine served by personalised service throughout the journey serves as the icing on the cake.

Downtown Napa Wine Tasting

Wine-loving couples can visit 12 tasting rooms plotted throughout the town by purchasing Downtown Napa Wine Tasting Card. These chic & cozy urban wineries offer the best wines from the Napa Valley without you having to drive down to a vineyard with production facilities. Couples more interested in enjoying their glass of wine in more traditional settings can book a wine tour that takes them to the area’s best wineries.

Couple Spa Treatment

There are fewer experiences more romantic for couples than enjoying a relaxing spa treatment together. In addition to its world-class wine, Napa Valley is also famous for its awesome day spas that offer romantic spa treatment for doting couples. You can also revitalize your mind, body and soul through rejuvenating facials, full body massages and other therapeutic treatments.

Romantic Hot Air Balloon Ride

Have a bird’s eye view of Napa valley’s colorful vineyards by embarking on a hot air balloon ride with your loved one. A Hot Air Balloon Ride remains amongst the top ways to explore the valley’s beautiful landscapes and gorgeous coastline. The sunrise flight lasting about an hour would be a breathtaking experience for most visitors. Some of these rides also offer a post-flight Champagne toast and their prices mostly vary between $150-$300 per person.

Live performance at the Uptown Theater

The art deco style Uptown Theatre which has been restored recently, is one of the most historic attractions in Napa Valley. Catching a live performance at this concert and entertainment venue remains a must-do activity in the itinerary of most couples visiting the region for a romantic getaway. The theatre regularly hosts fine musical performances and comedy shows and rates amongst Northern California’s premier destinations for live entertainment.

Napa Art Walk

Art-loving couples can have an immersive experience at the Napa Art Walk which features a wide range of unique artworks by talented artists. The most interesting part about the exhibitions here is that you can avail an audio tour where the artist will themselves give you a deeper understanding of their unique designs. Most of the sculptures featured here are on sale, giving you an option to pick up some romantic souvenirs on your way back home.

Tips to Save on Flights to Napa Valley

  • Avoid flying in touristy seasons to avail cheap flights. The costs for plane tickets and accommodation usually go up, during these seasons as compared to the shoulder months.
  • Search for cheap flight tickets wisely by switching to incognito mode every time you go online and search for flight tickets.
  • Book airplane tickets at least a month in advance to cut down the overall travel expenses.
  • Use dependable booking platforms for cheap airline tickets and peace of mind.
  • Opt to fly on weekdays when airlines tickets are cheap such as Tuesday, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
  • Being flexible with travel dates is thumb rule to score the best deals on plane tickets.
  • Look for early morning or late night flight timings to save more on airplane tickets.
  • Check the costs of flights in other currencies if the local currency is expensive.
  • Never condone last-minute flight options as airlines many times offer lucrative deals at the last moment.

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